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It has been written (just now), that Alex Kendig can steal an audiences hearts, laughter, and maybe their wallet.  However, this comedian’s street cred had to be earned…
        Alex Kendig
has always been the center of attention and has always worked his best to get a laugh.  As soon as he learned to talk he learned how to entertain.  Alex’s father was a popular morning DJ in Nashville Tennessee, and that is where he first learned to entertain the masses, and where he got his first taste of show business.  By the time he was five years old his voice was heard on the radio by thousands in his various radio commercials including a series of Bunny Bread spots.  People also found his face in advertisements in the paper.  Alex prides himself in being the first to model the line of Power Wheels.  Several years and trips to the principal’s office later Alex was in high school and picking up comedy as his lifestyle.  In his hometown of Mt. Juliet Tennessee, the city chose him to host their Christmas Parade two years in a row.  At his high school he was asked to emcee their senior night, a night in which members of their senior class are voted for superlatives.  That night Alex was voted “Wittiest”.  Alex had the audience rolling in the isles and was told by many people that he was the funniest host they had ever seen.  He recalls one person saying to him, “If you don’t try and do comedy as a career you are stupid.”  Alex is not stupid.  That night that he decided that he wanted to make people laugh for the rest of his life, and that’s when Alex Kendig the comic was born.  He soon thereafter took the stage at an open mic in Nashville and got himself hooked.  It wasn’t long before he was getting invited to do other stand-up shows, and act in sketches and short films.  All of this by the time he was 18 years old.  Arriving at college opened another door for Alex.  During his first semester at Western Kentucky University he was able to work with the Happy Gas improv troupe.  He had a blast, and was able to flex his comedy muscle and just have fun doing what he loves.  However, he always wants to do something great and reach every medium so he changed things up and hit the airwaves.  Being a broadcasting major Alex had access to the radio station and that is where he was able to join the morning radio show “The Morning After”.  In doing this he was able to increase his audience from hundreds to thousands.  Not only was the WKU radio station broadcast all over western Kentucky but over the internet as well.  Alex heard from fans as far away as Japan!  During his tenure at “The Morning After” he helped significantly boost the ratings, and the show is on the verge of being syndicated to colleges all over the country.

     Now Alex works his stand-up act. He has performed at colleges, and loves that the most because those people are just like him.  He has performed regularly at Western Kentucky University, Middle Tennessee State University, and Austin Peay State.  Alex still works with “The Morning After” writing skits, and recording his spoof commercials.  He’s also performed at comedy clubs with well known comics.  This past year Alex had the pleasure of performing with Ralphie May, star of “Last Comic Standing” and “Celebrity Fit Club”.  He sometimes even brags about being able to play the stage in fabulous Las Vegas. Alex is just getting started.  He delivers what he has to say with his trademark energy and jittery antics with an attitude and presence that relates to the audience and draws them in.

Here is an audio clip of Alex doing a promotion on Nick DiGilio Show on WGN radio.  

Audio Clip

Alex Kendig's Official Myspace
Alex Kendig's PodCast

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